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Updating utm values from url parameter... without a form fill out... Is this even possible?

Question asked by Sue Liang on Apr 10, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2019 by Idan Haim

Hi everyone,

I have something very out of the box from Marketo logic and operations... but maybe someone here has encountered a similar situation and can provide some insight!


Let's say we have an email campaign where the email CTA is a product page on our website, there is no form whats so ever gated on this product page.


This product page's utm parameter looks something like this: ""


When someone visits this page, we want to automatically update this lead's utm value to "product-page-email-campaign" even though they never filled out a form since we rely on utm value updates to track multi-touch attribution. Is there anyway to update a lead's utm value when a lead hasn't submitted a form with hidden utm fields?


I want to avoid using Data Value Change step since we don't want to manually do this for every campaign... truth be told that's how we're currently doing it and it takes up SO MUCH TIME!!


The ideal state is anytime someone enters a landing page with a utm parameter, that utm parameter in the url automatically gets captured in the lead's utm field in marketo (for known leads only, ofc!)