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How far down does someone scroll?

Question asked by Micah Honeycutt on Apr 9, 2019

I'm trying to see if there is a way to learn how far down a customer scrolls in our emails. Our emails are long and I need to see if people are actually scrolling to the bottom (or at least how far down, if not all the way).


I know that many email service providers load all images regardless of whether you scroll, but if I could even learn how many times a given image was downloaded that would be a great start. It would show me that the lower images are not loading at the same rate. Then I could limit a send to only an email provider that does not automatically load all images and get more true results by looking at that data for that narrow email blast.


I also know that Marketo doesn't do heat maps of clicks, but I care less about clicks than just knowing how far customers are scrolling. Any help is appreciated.