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Add flow comapign dynamically using API

Question asked by Santosh Wakode on Apr 8, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 15, 2019 by Santosh Wakode

I am creating separate email asset for every announcement which I need to send using marketo.

In marketo we have Program under this we have Campaign and using this campaign we are sending emails, each campaign may have hundred of email assets, we are creating email asset separate for each announcement to get report as per email to analyse no. of clicks in single email, no. open etc.

Previously we just used to update single email asset but that was not giving report as expected.

Now I am able to create email asset for each announcement and send email and getting proper result also.

But we have to add "Send Email" to send email using email template in this we need to select default choice.

I am not getting any API to set default choice for flow dynamically like "ABC Program.announcement1", "ABC Program.announcement2", "ABC Program.announcementN"

Is there any way to add default choice in flow using API without manual intervention?

Or Is there any other way to get report as per separate email asset for separate announcement?

Thanks in advance.