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    Removing multiple leads from a flow due to 1 lead's email response

      Hi Marketo Community!

      I have a scenario that I would love to get your help on. Here's my proposed Marketo cycle:
      1.           We create a Marketo Smart Campaign that sends emails to 5 people (all from Company ABC)           
        •                     Flow steps include:
        •                     Send Email
        •                     Wait 4 days
        •                     If no response, send 2nd email
        •                     wait 4 days
        •                     If no response, send 3rd email
      2.           We send the 5 emails to 5 leads from Company ABC
      3.           1 one of the leads responds to us.
      4.           We want to take all 5 of those leads out of the flow because at least 1 employee from company ABC responded.
      How would I go about doing this? Our current implementation includes Marketo and Salesforce.

      p.s. Here's my current solution that only solves half of it...

      1. When lead responds, my company's rep will reply to that email and log the activity using Cirrus Insight in Salesforce.
      2. Create a Trigger campaign that says, if lead received "Email X" and "Activity was logged contaings Re:", then remove from flow.

      The issue is... that only removes that 1 lead and not the 4 others from the same company.

      Really appreciate it!