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Better way to report on form fills?

Question asked by Jessica Leung on Apr 9, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2019 by Bryan Epstein

Hi all,


Am trying to find a better way I can report on downloads across our site (ie; form fills). The current way we have the (download) forms set up, is that they all sit within one program.


What we're looking for is an overview of how many of what downloads, what region, and potentially referrer source - and being able to view this across different time period requirements (months, quarters, half-year, annual).


If I were to run smart lists across all the downloads and combine within a file, I'd be able to use a pivot table to get the overview, but this would require running each form fill on a smartlist 12 times for each month.


As we have an auto email that goes out with every form fill, I have thought about using the Email Performance report, but would still need to run the report for every region we report on.


Does anyone have any suggestions other than building smart lists across all 20+ forms and exporting per month, or using the email performance report (which won't give me the region detail, and would still need to run this for each month and region)?


Any input appreciated!