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How does Marketo tell the difference between a new created record and a record that already exist in the database?

Question asked by Amir Saint on Apr 4, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2019 by Steven Vanderberg


I need assistance with a task. I have a landing page with a form on it. Our sales teams directs people to this form. I want to differentiate the people who fill out this form. For example, if person A fills out the form and Person A is already an existing record in my Salesforce/Marketo instance (SFDC and Marketo have a sync) they go through Flow A and certain fields don't get updated.


If person B fills out the form and person B is a new lead, not in Salesforce/Marketo, they go through flow B and certain fields are updated. My issue is how do I tell Marketo to figure out if a person who fills out the form already exists in my database or if the person is a brand new record? What filter do I need to put in my smart list in my smart campaign? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated