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    one way salesforce sync?

      is there a way to sync lead/contact records TO salesforce, but not sync records FROM salesforce into marketo?
      I'm trying to keep bunk data from making it's way into marketo ...
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          Hi Peter,

          When you click on a lead's name (Highlight in orange) you can then choose "Lead Action" => "SalesForce" => "Sync lead to Salesforce".

          You will need to go to the Admin panel to stop the sync from SFDC but I do not encourage it at all.

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            Josh Hill
            Once a lead is created in SFDC, it will sync over to Marketo automatically - UNLESS you somehow hide it from the Marketo User. You can do this using Record Types or a checkbox "Do not Sync to Marketo = T" and make sure the Marketo User is forbidden from those records.

            As Michael says, Marketo only syncs records TO SFDC on command.

            I agree with him that
            1. Do not disable the sync purposely. (Although there are rare occasions to do so).
            2. Sync all records. You can deal with trash with automation and tools like RingLead. The real question to ask is "Why are you getting junk leads in SFDC first??"
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              Jep Castelein
              Peter, ask Marketo Support to set up a sync filter for you. It will look for a field that indicates whether a record should be synced or not. So you could indeed use a checkbox like "Sync to Marketo" and use that for the filter (check with Support, the reverse "Do Not Sync to Marketo" may also be possible). You can have only 1 field that indicates to sync or not, so most customers have a Workflow in SFDC to set that field automatically based on criteria. 
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                We have a checkbox called "Push to Marketo" and we use code and a controller in Salesforce to determine whether the record should in fact sync to Marketo (You'll need a Salesforce developer to set this up - we have loads of criteria to check first). However you can use Salesforce workflows that determine some basic criteria for pushing into Marketo as well. You will need Marketo support to set the checkbox up for you

                An example is we have multiple brands and some of those Brands do not use Marketo, So if Brand is Brand A on creation or edit  then check the box, if Brand B then the checkbox is not checked. You also need to allow for the reverse, If Brand A is changed to Brand B uncheck that box and stop the sync - I do a clean up of data that is no longer synced when the criteria isn't met in Marketo (that's all automated too)
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                  Brigid Greenway
                  Hi Peter-
                  Another method - although unusual - would be to not connect the systems at all and use an email submission method in which you would kick out of Marketo a standard email containing certain values that would be sent to a SFDC submission email address and parsed upon entry as a new lead. I did that for a client who did not want the systems connected but wanted the leads to pass into SFDC "automatically" without any chance of sucking back any data into Marketo.