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Can I track source of visitor to Landing Page?

Question asked by Dave Palmer on Apr 5, 2019
Latest reply on May 9, 2019 by Dave Palmer

Good morning!

I'm new to Marketo and have lots to learn and have a question that perhaps our Community can help me with.  I'm wondering if I can determine the source of a visitor to my Landing Pages.

I've created 2 LPs in Marketo (besides "unsubscribe/confirmation" pages).  I use them with several emails within a nurture series.  I also use them as links in posts on partner and industry journal websites.  I've looked at my Link Performance Report, but do not see a way to see which email or external link was the source of the visitor.  Is there a way to get such details -- e.g. as if the page were part of my company's website and my Google Analytics data?  Thanks for any advice/insights you can share.

Dave Palmer, SImpay