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Munchkin AssociateLead Call? Questions

Question asked by Raul Lozano on Apr 4, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2019 by Sanford Whiteman

Hi There,


We have a pretty non-conventional sign- up process at my company.


I am wondering if the Munchkin API Call can help us solve our duplicate lead sign up process.


Basically, a new customer hits our sign up page and fills out a non-marketo form that serves as an account/contact creation tool. The form data including email runs to our corporate database and checks SFDC to see if the lead is known by the email. if it is not known from sfdc, then it creates one in sfdc and converts it to an account/contact automatically.


Context: We have Marketo synced with SFDC, but we have a large number of leads in sfdc/marketo that we don't have emails (only phone numbers) for, but may have visited our website and not filled out a form and received a munchkin cookie.


Our end goal is to be able to capture any previous web activity on the leads, when they become known on the sign-up page (by providing us their email) assuming that their munchkin cookie matches with any anonymous web activity.


My thought process is, as soon as the lead submits that first page of our sign-up form, to initiate an associatelead call to marketo with the basic info (email, names, phone etc) to either find the anonymous web activity or create a new lead in marketo.

- Remove Munchkin API  from our basic "sync new people to CRM smart campaign"

- Have a specified "Sync Munchkin API Leads to CRM" that get manually synced every morning or once a week. It would then create the leads in sfdc, assign the owner as Marketo User to circumvent any new Lead assignment rules and notification in place


By this time the leads that completed the sign-up form would already be converted into accounts/contacts. But we can easily spot them and convert/merge them with our dedupe software that can catch duplicates across objects in sfdc. We run dupe check and cleanups every morning. So, in theory, any manual syncs for the Munchkin API Created Leads would be seen in the clean up as a duplicate and be converted and merged with a contact to maintain any previous web activity before conversion. on the contact.



Is this the right way to go about this or is there a similar way?


We tried using regular api to POST the first part of the sign up form containing the email to marketo but it was creating new leads instead of updating them, sfdc was then auto-assigning the new leads via round robin to other sales reps in the same region. Causing a huge mix up.


My boss doesn't care at what point the activity history is added to the contact he just wants to make sure, what ever history is there is on the contact at some point.


Open to any other ways of being able to maintain web activity on a contact post conversion any help is appreciated.