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Report to show people and the program where they became success

Question asked by Tara Tate on Apr 4, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2019 by Jay Jiang

Hi Everyone,


Every week I create an MQL report in excel which shows the source and acquisition program. This is obviously helpful, but we are learning what we also need to show is the program they became a success in... my current report is from an export of a smart list that shows anyone that has become a success across all programs. HOWEVER, it does not show in what program they became a success. Is there a column for this?  I've tried last interesting moment, but we are syncing any success to salesforce and converting them to an MQL - this is automated so the last interesting moment is always SFDC sync. How can we show - and in hopefully an EASY way - the names of people who became a success in all programs by program.


Again, names/companies are important. I know how to show the number of successes across programs, but need the name/company tied to the success numbers.


Thank you!