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Adobe Summit Recordings

Discussion created by Josh Pickles on Apr 3, 2019

Kia ora team!


The Adobe Summit was a great opportunity to hear from some of Adobe and Marketo experts on a whole range of topics. Each session was recorded and you're able to check them all out on the link below.


Adobe Summit 2019—The Digital Experience Conference | March 24–28, 2019


There were two main Marketo oriented streams - B2B Marketing with Marketo and Marketing Nation and Wynn.


Some of my recommendations would be:

- Make the Most Out of Your A/B Testing with Marketo - Jessica Kao (B2B Marketing with Marketo)

- Marketo Fu Live: Marketo's Life Altering Revenue Cycle Models - Joe Reitz (Marketing Nation at Wynn)

- Reinventing lead scoring: using data science to market better - Edward Unthank (Marketing Nation at Wynn) - warning, this one is quite advanced and gets SUPER nerdy.


On a side note, if there's something that wasn't covered that you'd love more insight on, feel free to reach out to either Grace or Myself. We're always happy to touch base to talk through something or even list it as a topic for an up-coming user group session