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Campaign Queue is backing up and not processing

Question asked by Broderick Klemetson on Apr 4, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2019 by Ann Latham

Is anyone else having issues with their campaign queue recently (past 2 days)? Several months ago we used to have major issues with our queue and we finally learned that we had far too many triggered smart campaigns (would have been great if someone from Marketo had informed us there was a limit), but we fixed that, transitioned everything to batch campaigns and it's been smooth sailing ever since. However, 2 days ago, our batch campaigns just stopped working and kept piling up in the campaign queue (had about 80 of them in there, with over 100,000 leads across all of them). This happened with no changes being made on our part that we know of. We escalated the issue with marketo support and they were baffled, but eventually told us that there were 2 campaigns that marketo was "stuck" on (sort of in a loop because it couldn't process them for some reason). We aborted those campaigns and the queue cleared up overnight. Then this morning around 6am it started backing up again and we're back at the same problem.


Anyone have similar issues or having similar issues and solved them? What was the solution? We're working with support as well, but they're still lost as well.