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Campaign - How to request a smart campaign

Question asked by Nimisha Garg on Apr 3, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2019 by Devraj Grewal

We have 8 emails going out on different days in the week.


I can't use Nurture Channel because we can only use weekly / monthly casts. Here I am sending email day 1 then day 10.


Once the people go through these there a way to "add new people" to this campaign so they run through email 1 -> email 8. Is there a way to request a smart campaign?


Ex: Say "member of list" -> start from send email 1 -> send email 2-> and so on. I tried using this...see below:


See the smart campaign:


flow step:


this is what I used to add new people in the campaign:

List of people:


Smart campaign:


Smart list:




but, the "requested campaign" shows nothing......