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URGENTLY NEED HELP = Nurture Campaign

Question asked by Lizzie Boyes on Apr 1, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2019 by Grace Brebner

Hi there,


I had a question. I currently have a 'Welcome and onboarding' Stream but my team who aren't very digital are wanting to place leads that came from a Dev focused event into the 'welcome and onboarding' stream. The only issue with this is that they will probably unsubscribe because they would probbably be confused as to why they went to a large dev event then get sent an intro email about it.

My team have asked if I can just drop them in Email 2, 3, 4 BUT skip Email 1?


I think it would be better to create an event specific stream and place content there and then move them by transitions rules into 'Welcome and onboardin' stream, (SKIP EMAIL 1 INTRO) but be dropped into Email 2 (Product free trial),Email 3, Training and certification, Email 4, dev newsletter etc?

Basically my question is: Can additional contacts be added to any stage of the drip and nurture?