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List import aliases not working?

Question asked by Grant Booth on Mar 25, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2019 by Grant Booth

Anyone else seeing list import aliases not working? We're finding that despite having list import aliases in place, none of our field names that rely on them are automapping when we do a list import. For example, the list column name "Lead Source Description" should automap to "Lead Source Description (L)" because there is a list import alias set for it. Instead it says "--IGNORE--":

Screen Shot 2019-03-25 at 3.06.19 PM.png


Here's the list import alias in Admin > Field Management:


Screen Shot 2019-03-25 at 3.11.50 PM.png


All of those fields that are set as --IGNORE-- should've automapped. I'm submitting a support ticket but thought I would also start a discussion to see if it's impacting other people (and help them adjust priority accordingly).