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How to prevent old activity from syncing to Marketo after a L2C or Merge occurs and qualifying for lead scoring campaigns

Question asked by Jamie Hunter on Mar 25, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2019 by Abhishek Chandra

Hi Marketo Community!

We recently ran into an issue with our trigger scoring campaigns scoring records that are either merged or converted if the activity was not visible to Marketo before. When a lead is converted to a contact in Salesforce (or merged via DemandTools job that cleans up duplicates), the activity is logged as converted in Salesforce. What we noticed is happening after this action takes place is the old activity from the lead or duplicate record is updated on the contact (ie responded campaign member status from a prior SFDC campaign in 2018), resulting in a sync update pushed from Salesforce to the person's activity log in Marketo. Since we have our scoring campaigns set up to trigger based on a 'Program Status is Changed', syncing over the SFDC campaign membership updates causes the program status to update and then the person with old activity now runs through the scoring campaign as if it is recent activity (confusing sales reps, triggering MQLs that shouldn't be triggered, etc.).


Scenario 2: We also regularly purge records from Marketo and block the person from resyncing to Marketo via a checkbox in Salesforce. In the event the person is resynced to Marketo for whatever reason, they are created net new to Marketo and the SFDC campaign membership activity syncs over to the "new" record in Marketo as if it's happening for the first time and the records run through the scoring. Does anyone else have an idea for how we can solve for this and prevent these folks from running through the scoring campaigns?


Has anyone ran into this issue before and if so, how did you prevent old lead activity from triggering after a conversion/merge takes place or a person who previously existed in Salesforce only can now sync to Marketo?




Updated post with screenshot examples of one record that synced over old SFDC campaign membership activity and then triggered scoring campaigns:

My objective is to find a way to prevent old SFDC campaign history from syncing to Marketo and triggering the person to run through the scoring campaigns as if the activity recently happened.


Trigger campaign looks like this in Marketo:

Record is created on 3/11/19

Record is converted (merged) from SFDC (I also say merged because there's a high possibility that a DemandTools job merged a duplicate record to an existing record and the activity is logged as converted in SFDC).

Since SFDC campaign history on the record that converted was not on the record that was created on 3/11/19 in Marketo, the new activity synced to the Marketo activity log.

This is the converted lead activity that was logged on the record in SFDC.


Any ideas for how to prevent old SFDC campaign membership activity on records previously not in Marketo (or already in Marketo) from qualifying for scoring campaigns?