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    Scoring - Spark Edition

      I just imported the program.  there are a lot of smart campaigns in there, but I do not see one that shows how to "escalate" the lead to sales when it reaches a certain score.
      Am I missing something?   Im trying to figure out how to build that smartcampaign.
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          Hey Rich,

          The programs for scoring are simply that, scoring behaviors. The threshold, or how you escalate is subjective so they leave that to you. How are you alerting the sales team of a qualified Lead? Is it a certain point threshold? Or a certain number of WP downloads? Are you keeping the Lead in Mkto until the threshold is met and then pushing to your CRM?
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                 Hello Jeff,
                 Im going to send the deal to sales when the lead score reaches 100pts (Im scoring demographics and behaviors).
                 So I think the way to deal with this is to have a smartcampaign that says something like this.   let me know if I am going in the right direction. 

                 Smart list:  
                 trigger for data value changes.   when lead score is at least 100
                 filter (Can I combine a fileter and a trigger in smartlist?) lead status is not being worked (there are 4 stages that represent this).

                 Change the lead status to marketing qualified

                 I was concerend about a scenario like this.   Lead hits 100 and I change the value to effectively send to sales.  sales catches it and moves the lead status forward to the first stage of being worked.  Then the lead downloads another doc 3 hrs after they get to 100.  Now they are at 120.  But I do not want to keep updating the lead status to the orginal status i used to send to sales.  I think I can avoid that by combining the filter and trigger.

                 I was hoping for some example smartcampaign that manages this.   Somethingn that allows the score to kepp goin gup, but does not impact the status that is being updated by sales.



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              Hey Rich,

              You are on the right track. You can have a trigger and a filter which will exclude Leads with an advanced Lead Status. The trigger you will want to use is "Score is Changed" for your flow.

              One thing to be cognizant of is your Smart Campaign Settings. Make sure that Leads can only go through the campaign once. Otherwise, every time the have a point added over 100, an alert email will be sent. 

              Are you using score decaying programs? Like you substract points if they unsubscribe, are inactive for a certain timeframe, visit the careers page, etc? That will add a wrinkle to the flow if you are.