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Refer a company campaign

Question asked by Stephanie Morrin on Mar 21, 2019
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My company is looking to run a referral campaign where we ask a new client to nominate a company. How they seeing this running is as follows:


  • Client's opportunity is closed won in SFDC
  • Using a trigger campaign, the new client is sent an email asking them to nominate a company (the counterparty they use)
  • The email will contain a link to a form with 5 companies listed as options
  • The client will be asked to select their nominations (must be able to nominate multiple companies)
  • If the client chooses Company A and Company C for their nomination, a person (possibly identified by their job title) who is in our database from Company A and Company C should get an email sent to them saying 'You have been nominated by [Client name]'
  • This email should be sent to the people from the company every time their company has been nominated by a client


Just wondering if anyone had any ideas how best to set this up in Marketo or is it even possible since we are not asking the client to give us an email address along with the company they are nominating?