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Managing Duplicates - Matching data (FN, LN, Phone, Company, ZIP) but different email

Question asked by Thomas Cyr on Mar 20, 2019

Marketo community,


Question for everyone on how they manage duplicates that have the same lead info on all fields but email. Due to our very large lead database, we often see leads come in that already exist in our database. They match on all of their detail fields such as first name, last name, company name, phone number and location, however, they use a different email address.


It would be great to have some kind of rule to automatically merge the records and update the lead's email when they match on all of the other lead fields. While this is can be done in SFDC, we're running into a dupe logic issue that blocks the lead from syncing to SFDC. SFDC sees that the lead has all of the matching data and blocks the lead sync saying "duplicates detected".


Thoughts on how to manage these from the Marketo end? Ideally we could just append their newly submitted email address.