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Email Deliverability Reporting By Account, For All Emails in One Campaign?

Question asked by Spencer Phillips on Mar 22, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2019 by Spencer Phillips

I was tasked with finding an answer regarding email deliverability by account and am struggling on the best way to get to the data I need.


Background: We recently ran a customer-only webinar and sent invites out of Marketo. We want to know deliverability by account. The concern is that one account may have received zero emails in the inbox and we want to see that data in Marketo.


The out of the box email performance and campaign email performance reports don't return people like a Smart List does (I'm aware there is a difference in how that data is collected / presented).


In trying to build out a SL I had put together something along the lines of:


  • Member of a campaign is true
  • Customer is true (custom field)
  • Was Sent Email
    • Include Email 1
    • Email 2
    • Email 3, etc.
  • Not Was Delivered Email (I'm almost positive this is not the right filter for this use case....)


Can anyone please provide thoughts on how to approach getting this kind of insight?


Thank you!