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Can we get a function where we can see the next email the lead is receiving?

Question asked by Wai yeong Leong on Mar 20, 2019

Changing order emails engagement stream


Just like the post above, I was switching around the engagement settings midway the engagement program due to changes in product details and webinar dates, and we cannot disclose this information until a later date.

After making the changes which includes:

     - Changing the stream cadence from earlier date (initial engage prog date) to a later date (midway, like three days later after this changes were made)

     - Archive all previous emails sent, so that when this stream cadence start again, the adjusted email at the top will now be sent.

     - Test engagement program to make sure it is sending the adjusted email.


I am pretty sure I did every correctly, but can't help but be paranoid that I might have messed up somewhere.


Is there a function where we can see the next emails that the leads will be receiving? That would really set my mind at ease when this kind of emergency happens.