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Conditional Sync to SFDC within a flow

Question asked by a6cba208870fcfdc3d6cb2cbe3c5b5bc28b052ef on Oct 16, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2014 by a6cba208870fcfdc3d6cb2cbe3c5b5bc28b052ef
Hi. I have a complex flow that does a lot of processing. One step in the middle is that it syncs to SFDC. For some leads, I would like to skip the sync to SFDC step. But I want them to go through all the other steps, so I can't just filter them out of the campaign.

I thought I could do this by doing an "Add Choice" on the "Sync to SFDC" flow step. However, the only choices are which owner to assign to. There is no "do nothing" choice.

Is there any to do this other than duplicating the campaign and tweaking? I'd like to avoid that (I already have two variants of this campaign, so that'd split it to four... and so any change means I have to change all four).