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Drip and Nurture Strategy

Question asked by Lizzie Boyes on Mar 19, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2019 by Lizzie Boyes

Hi there,


I have recently created an engagement drip and nurture program.

It is just one stream right now where new leads get added to the program when the email is released.

So far the:

first email was an introduction to our developer website,

Second email is for users to download a free trial with links to the website,

Third email is an educational email for training and certification and then

the fourth email is for them to sign up to our monthly newsletter of that developer program.


I want to add more emails to the stream but don't want it to just keep on going until the end of time or is that how most people do this? Can anyone suggest the types of things you would add as emails? Would you typically add a video that was played at a global developer event? or a webinar replay that relates to that developer audience? The Developer website doesn't currently have any whitepapers or ebooks etc which makes it harder. We really want to have contact with these group of people every year to nurture them to our live developer events.


Can someone help advice how you would go about maybe adding another 2 streams? The slow - every 2 weeks and the Engaged - every week? Would you add anyone from Stream 1 to either of these two streams (depending on their interest level)? What content would you typically add and how many emails? For Engaged I really wouldn't want to annoy people every week with too many emails - What day would you send these? Would they go out the same day as the Stream 1?