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Using Tokens in master email template housed in Designed Studio

Question asked by Bianca OBrien on Mar 15, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2019 by Amit Jain

We currently have 1 master email template branded for our company in Design Studio. We have then used that template to build out other email templates in Marketing Activities based on program type; i.e. webinar, email, content download, etc. The catch is we market by product/brand - all of which have different logos and accent colors. We are planning to clone our program templates and adjust accordingly for each brand using tokens. I am thinking about using the tokens in the master email template in Design Studio with the appropriate company colors/logos as the default. That way if someone starts from scratch in their product/brand folder, the email will populate with the appropriate colors/logos/etc, but still have the same overall look of the master template.


Any issues/concerns with this approach? Is it safe to reference tokens in Design Studio templates?