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Unsubscribe Issues across Partitions

Question asked by Ali Lamot on Mar 12, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2019 by Veronica Holmes



I am looking for some advice/best practices for Unsubscribing with multiple Partitions.

  • Leads are allowed to live in multiple partitions
  • There are custom Unsubscribe Fields for each partition
  • No Global unsubscribe option, only unsubscribing to the specific partition


During testing, the lead's Activity log was only updating in one (incorrect) Partition. The lead should have been showing up as Unsubscribed in a different Partition, but it was not. Scenario described below.


Lead 1 lives in Partition X and Partition Y

Lead 1 fills out Unsubscribe Form Y


Lead 1 not showing as Unsubscribed in Partition Y. But in Partition X, the Unsubscribe Y field is showing as true.


Both Unsubscribe forms work for leads not in both partitions.

Does anyone have an idea how to tackle this situation?


Thanks in advance.