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Center of Excellence: Engagement Program Template

Question asked by Zach Rogers on Mar 12, 2019

I'm about to rebuild our entire Lead Lifecycle (Lead Source, Detail, Status, Lifecycle Stage, Scoring, Segmentations, Data Management/Orchestration/Order of Operations, Nurture, the whole 9), but something I've never really had is a rock solid Engagement Program Template for our Center of Excellence. They're such unique builds, I never felt the need. However, I would love to get this right the first time and facilitate automatic, scalable reporting from the get.


I've played with different variants of adding/removing from lists, adding to dedicated "Exhausted" and "Paused" Streams, changing Program Channels & Tags for Program Statuses, etc. Juli James and Jenn DiMaria session at Summit last year was supes legit. Josh Hill's too.


Here's how I generally build them below, but would love to use this as a learning experience to optimize/align with Best Practices to train-the-trainer, so to speak, and walkthrough with my whole team.



00 Offramp (Batch): Pause

01 Onramp (Batch): Add to Stream(s)

02 Opened

03 Clicked

04 Bounced

05 Unsubscribed

06 Paused

06 Exhausted (Batch)

07 Converted


REPORTING (smart lists)

01 In Progress = Member of Program Status IS Member; Opened; Clicked

02 Paused = Member of Program Status IS Bounced; Unsubscribed; Paused; Exhausted

03 Converted = Member of Program Status IS Converted


I don't love it, I feel like there's a cleaner way. Thanks for any advice!