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How do we manage comms limits and email sends in a nurture that uses nested programs/smart campaigns to trigger?

Question asked by Carly Stevens on Mar 12, 2019

Hi - we currently have our engagement programs running with nested programs inside them (see image attached) - triggered by smart campaigns. I have a question regarding communication limits and a point I saw which said 'For engagement programs: The lead will receive the email in the NEXT cast' if they have reached their comms limit'... Does this still apply when we're triggering smart campaigns to send our engagement emails? As opposed to just adding the email in a stream? I suspect not, so I'm concerned if they don't receive the first, our rules which look for clicks and no clicks for the next trigger, will not fire properly if it's not also listening for non deliveries due to comms limits being reached. How do we best manage this without making it overly complex? We want to make sure our tactical emails are prioritised over our nurtures, so don't want to override communication limits in the nurture sends either.


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