Andrew Slutzky

Product API Integration: Leveraging Marketo Custom Objects & Marketo Forms

Discussion created by Andrew Slutzky on Mar 8, 2019

Hello Marketo Community,



1. Do you recommend leveraging Marketo Custom Objects with Marketo Forms to capture Product API Post Scripts?

  • For context, I'm trying to understand if using both CDOs and Forms together is a best practice in MKTO.
  • In Eloqua, that exactly what we did. We had a developer push to our Eloqua Form via the POST URL.
  • Any instruction on how to incorporate both of them would be great.


2. Are you able to add Marketo Custom Objects to Marketo Forms?

  • Field: Email Address (1:1)
  • CDO Field: OSS Admin Email (Many:1)
  • CDO Field: OSS Cluster URL (Many:1)
  • CDO Field: Campaignid (Many:1)


3. Am I not able to report on the performance of Custom Objects in Marketo?

  • Not sure if I can reference them in Smart Lists...





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