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Default Company Name - Issues

Question asked by Justin Morris on Mar 6, 2019
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I just want to gather some insight and input from the community on an issue we currently have. Right now when anyone fills out our forms, they are automatically synced to Salesforce. We have B2C and B2B segments of our business and there is sometimes overlap. With B2C, we don't ask for Company Name since they don't have a company name. But in order for them to sync to Salesforce, a default value is needed and will populate there. This is normally fine but sometimes a B2C lead will attempt to download B2B content and {{Not_Provided}} will show up pre-filled in the form for Company Name, which isn't ideal. Are there any workarounds or suggestions you may have to remedy this issue? We realize having the default value as {{Not Provided}} can be changed to something more desirable. But wasn't sure if there was something we were overlooking - maybe there's some kind of javascript we can use on forms to make them not pre-fill when {{Not_Provided}} is there? My background is primarily with B2B audiences, so B2C processes are new to me. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!