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How can you decrement scores of (previously) anonymous leads after a wait w/ Munchkin v2?

Question asked by Jon Wu on Mar 6, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2019 by Jon Wu

I've been auditing a bunch of our campaigns and found that scoring is totally out of wack - presumably due to Munchkin v2 behavior.


We keep a "Master" score for a bunch of behavioral categories based on web activity. When you visit relevant pages, we bump up your score, but we also want this score to take into account your recent interests, so we decrement the score after 14 days. This is what the Flow looks like:

This was all great before, but now I've noticed that when a lead becomes known / is associated, Munchkin v2 behavior kicks in and replays all the campaigns and skips all the wait steps (I suppose as "expected" since a Wait step isn't one of the 5 that runs retroactively). The result is that all our Master scores end up at 0 immediately.


Are there some creative ways to make this work again?