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    List Cleansing / Data Append Service

    Miles Krone

      Hello SV Mug,


      We're looking for a manual list-clean vendor to supplement our use of ZoomInfo/DiscoverOrg data append services.


      Does anyone have any vendor recommendations? The most important data points we require are Company Revenue, Company Geo (Address, City, State, Zip, Country), and business email address.


      Thank you,


      Miles Krone

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          Chiara Riga

          Hi Miles,


          I have used CandorWorks in a previous role and they were fantastic. They are out of India so they are pretty inexpensive, but given the time difference there can occasionally be a bit of a lag in when you get your lists back (I never found it unreasonably long though). They have a pretty large team so they could usually clean even very large lists pretty quickly.