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Embedded Forms Not Working Properly for Cookied Users

Question asked by Chris Wilcox Champion on Mar 5, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2019 by Sanford Whiteman

Hi Everyone,


I have a ticket in with Marketo about this issue, but thought maybe someone in the community has had this issue and knows how to resolve.


We have some landing pages we created for a campaign with gated content behind an embedded Marketo form. Smart Campaigns are sending an automated follow up email upon all form fills, but the emails are not consistently triggering.


  1. New users (previously not cookied) - Form completions are triggering the smart campaign as expected
  2. Returning Users (cookied) - Form completions are not being captured in any activity log on the contact record, or in the smart campaign itself.
  3. Incognito Window, but submitting known email address: Works as expected, smart campaign triggers correctly.


In other words, if I go to the page and put in my own email, nothing happens on the back end. But if I go to the page in an incognito window and submit that same email address, it works as expected.


No idea what's causing this, the smart campaigns are "Fills Out Form" with no filters applied, users are set to qualify "every time," so all form fills should be triggering the follow up.




Edit: I tried this on a Marketo-hosted landing page and it works as expected in all scenarios. Only Embedded forms for known users is it not working correctly!