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Choice steps with "member of smart campaigns" as criteria. Is this asking for trouble?

Question asked by Phillip Wild on Mar 2, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2019 by Phillip Wild

Hi everyone


I'm automating our direct mail in the US via Marketo and webhooks. I first started out doing this via an engagement program but found, annoyingly, that if a person is marked as "unsubscribed" in Marketo then an engagement email cast OR program cast won't work. Despite the fact I'm trying to send direct mail, not emails, and the check for opt-out is on a different field. Sigh.


So now I'm trying to replicate the "queue" of an engagement program with Marketo smart campaigns. Here's what I have so far:


1 master smart campaign which will run weekly.

n (currently 3) sub programs, one for each direct mail piece, which contain a smart list named "targets", and a smart campaign with "campaign is requested" to fire a webhook.


So the master smart campaign has a bunch of criteria for entry (ensure they have a valid address, haven't received anything recently, etc etc) but only one flow step: Request Campaign. Within this, I have choice steps. It looks like this....


1a. If Member of Smart List is Direct Mail 1.Targets, then Request Campaign Direct Mail 1 (to fire the appropriate webhook).

1b. If Member of Smart List is Direct Mail 2.Targets, then Request Campaign Direct Mail 2 (to fire the appropriate webhook).

etc etc.


The idea is that I set my priority by putting choice steps either higher or lower. And once it finds a match, it stops going down the list on a lead-by-lead basis.


I haven't run this yet. But I have a concern in that since each "Targets" smart list has about ten criteria and takes a few minutes to run. So if I'm pushing 20,000 people through this campaign, it's likely going to take a long time, right? Any risk this will error out? It's no issue if it takes 5 hours, just that it works!


All this to replicate what an Engagement Program should multi-channel aware when it comes to unsubscribe