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SFDC sync errors "SSL read: errno -5961"

Question asked by Amanda Sanchez on Mar 1, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2019 by Albert Alvarez

Marketo is trying to make a handshake to the SFDC Server and the SSL Handshake is failing every day.


I am getting the below error message daily, and I'm having a hard time getting SFDC support to even investigate the error message unless I pay for the Premium support tier.  Has anyone successfully resolved this? I am using the out-of-box Marketo-SFDC integration.


Salesforce Sync Error

This problem should be automatically resolved

Why: Marketo/Salesforce sync is unable to connect to the Salesforce instance.

Error details: Marketo encountered the error "SSL read: errno -5961" when attempting to connect to Salesforce.

What to do now?

This may be a transient issue. If you are frequently seeing this error, contact Salesforce support.