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Failing: Sync of activities with SFDC

Question asked by Ludvig Brandt on Mar 4, 2019
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The sync of the "was delivered email" seems to be lagging. Since a while back it is working only on some (seemingly random) persons within each email blast, and failing to sync the info on others. It doesn't seem to correlate with whether it's a lead or a contact in SFDC. Some of them show "email was opened" in SFDC but still not "sent" or "delivered". Some show only "sent" or "sent" And "opened". In short, "opened" seems to work fine but the others are lagging.

  • The Marketo Email Insight module in SFDC shows the email in 100% of cases which is good
  • Settings (see attached) are not changed
  • No change in result after waiting a few days


I would appreciate some clarity on this!