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Munchkin Link Click Delay

Question asked by Clancy Clarke on Feb 28, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2019 by Sanford Whiteman

We've recently seen that Marketo's tracking script, Munchkin is inserting a click delay on every link click.


We understand that this delay is designed so that Munchkin can track link clicks (i.e enough time for the JS to fire before the next page loads).


We currently have Munchkin set to disable this link click delay using a parameter "disableclickdelay", however it appears this has stopped working. We're now seeing a 350ms delay on all link clicks introduced by Munchkin (the default delay).


We've been in touch with Marketo support, but they've said there is no issue with the tracking script or this parameter that should have stopped it working - Note it used to work and we never had a delay.


We're seeing this across two of our brands:


We're also seeing it on another third party site that runs Marketo and has the same Munchkin set up.


I've attached three screen grabs of the network profile for these sites showing the link click delay.


Interested to know if anyone else has seen this happening - our current next step on this is to set the clickTime parameter in Munchkin and set this to 0ms. As an side, using the class="mchNoDecorate" to disable the link click tracking is not an option.