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Interaction detail missing in activity

Question asked by Julia Rosenthal on Feb 28, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2019 by Sanford Whiteman

Hello community,

Reaching out to people with experience using MKTO-SFDC Add to Campaign feature.

At the moment, we're using functions in Salesforce to create a "Call Interaction" for our outbound call team. Not the Campaign Object. Part of the workflow associated with the creation of an Interaction is, the Outbounder then get a triggered notification to call the lead, with a bit of detail about what the focus of the call should be. Pretty simple.


However, I want to utilize the MKTO Add to, Edit and Remove to/from SFDC Campaign feature. It'll be better for everyone. And I'm hoping it will put an end to this annoying aspect of my current activity log information. When the outbounders make notes in the Call Interaction object in SFDC, the following gets created in my MKTO Activity Log.


Annoyingly, all the detailed info [which is all pretty useless anyway] is in the detail of the log item, but i have to expand it to read it.



If I use "Add to SFDC Campaign" in flow steps, will it solve this problem?

If not, is it possible to customise what gets displayed in the activity log so that I don't have to expand each log item to read the detail?

i.e. maybe change the mapping of the interaction data, so it comes in under the "detail" field and gets displayed in the activity log default screen?



Hope all that makes sense. Appreciate any info you can offer at this stage, before I start setting up the Campaign feature.


Thank you