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Wrong greetings in Email scenario using 2 tokens

Question asked by Katia Piton on Feb 26, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2019 by Sanford Whiteman

Hi Everyone,


I'm wondering if I'm using the right way to implement a default program with personalised emails, let me explain :


I created two versions of the same email, but with different greetings and use a smart campaign to differentiate recipients :

"if member of list..", send Email with Token 1 ("Chère Madame")

"If member of list ...", send Email with Token 2 ("Chère + FirstName")


My issue is the following : in the next phase of my scenario, I send a different email depending of the behaviour of the recipients : if click link in Email ... send ... or not


But the link in both emails is the same... is it an issue? I suspect it is, because when I test my scenario, I don't get the coherent greeting... (e.g. : Chère Madame in both emails but I get : Chère Madame and then Chère + FirstName)


Here is an example of the first flow : (hope you can read that! sorry it's in French and Marketo keeps changing the default language...: step 2 = Send an email)



Can you help please? Any better/simpler way to do this?


Many thanks!