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SFDC Custom Objects & Marketo

Question asked by Jessica Hendrix on Feb 26, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2019 by Sanford Whiteman

Hello nation!


Riddle me this: how can I use a form in Marketo to populate data in a SFDC custom object?


We are launching a partner program where we want to capture the partner information and then also have the leads they provide attached to their partner "account". So far, we have a Marketo form embedded on our website which captures the partner details - easy enough. We also have created a custom object in SFDC for the partner details - custom object was chosen as we don't want partners to be leads or accounts because we don't want sales to see them and call them.


Problem 1 - how do I connect the Marketo form fields to the partner custom object fields in SFDC? Is this even possible?


Problem 2 -from the form capturing the partner details, Marketo needs to be able to create the partners in the custom object in SFDC (like it creates normal leads). Is a custom object in SFDC the way to set this up? Can we use an additional API to connect the partner custom object to Marketo?


Future problem - How do we attach new referral leads from partners to the partner accounts, if setting them up as accounts is the way to go? Help!