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Collecting Country and State Data on a Lead or Contact

Question asked by Parfitt David on Feb 26, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2019 by Sanford Whiteman

Hi everyone,


This might be a silly question but I've been pondering it lately nonetheless. My question is around our FORMS and asking for Country, City, and State.  Here's my question upfront:  When a Lead or Contact is filling out a form, and we require "Country" as a required field, do we want to know the country of the person's residence, work location, or company location?  From what I understand, Leads and Contacts can have a country under their respective objects, and the account objects they are associated with also have a country value.  I guess since in my scenario, we market to the individual rather than the account, we would want to know where the person lives, as that will help us determine if they require GDPR compliance or not.


  • Take the following scenario. A "person" filling out one of our forms lives and works in Berlin, but the company they work for is headquartered out of New York, USA.
    • When the form they fill out asks for "Country", do we want to know the country where the person lives, works, or where the company is located? I am assuming for Lead/Contact Objects, the Country is where they Live or work (if there is a satellite office in Berlin), and the Account Objects they are associated with have their own Country data.

Thanks for you inputs