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Personalizing Content with Offline PURLs/Vanity URLs

Question asked by Griffin LaFleur on Feb 27, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2019 by Sanford Whiteman

Hey everyone! Looking around to see if anyone has any experience with a scenario I am coming up on.  Trying to do some ABM offline, directing traffic to a LP with personalized content based on the unique Vanity URL someone is given (offline).  We bought a domain that we wanted to use to create good looking vanity URLs that would essentially redirect to a LP in Marketo and display personalized content to that person.  This is to avoid creating many different LPs for them, and not having to use the long Marketo LP URL, even though we can use PURLs to make that URL customized (just doesn't look as good on a handwritten card).


Problem is, we can only redirect the root domain we purchased, and not pass through the Customized URL path to the PURL which would then dictate the content a user sees.  For example: Vanity URL > PURL > Marketo LP Personalized Content.  The way I understand it, we either have Marketo PURLs as the offline URL and get LP personalization, OR we use Vanity URLs that look nicer and don't get LP personalization.


End Goal: Give target prospect a unique URL that they visit manually, and receive a customized LP experience based on who they are/what company they work for. Many different URLs to one LP with many different versions of the content.


Does anyone know if the domain purchase path was wrong and we should have used Bitly or Rebrandley for the vanity URL associated to the PURL and still get the personalized content from the LP?


Looking for any service that can help us with this, happy to answer any clarifying questions.