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Landing page template using tokens - problem with URL resolving

Question asked by Erica Harris on Feb 25, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2019 by Sanford Whiteman

I am trying to tokenise some landing page templates to use program tokens for URLs. My problem comes when I use a token in the following part of the template:

<div id="mktHeader" class="mktEditable">

  <!-- Logo and Header -->

  <div class="logo"><a href="{{my.Event page URL2}}"><img src="{{my.LP_Header Image}}" width="600" height="165"></a></div>


The value of the {{my.Event page URL2}} token (rich text) in the program is, however, when I use it in a landing page created using the template, it resolves this as

I previously tried it with a plain text token and am getting the same thing.

I have searched the community and the documentation and haven't been able to find the answer.  I'm probably doing some rookie mistake, as templates are not my area of expertise, and I'm trying to tokenise one created by someone else.

There is this bit of JQuery which might conceivably be replacing the a href in the HTML, but I don't know JQuery at all: (I know the function is to register clicks on pdfs or ppts but it may be doing more than that?)


  $jQ(document).ready(function() {

    $jQ('a[href^="http://info"][href$=".pdf"], a[href^="http://info"][href$=".ppt"]').click(

      function(e) {

        mktoMunchkinFunction('visitWebPage', { url: $jQ(this).attr('href') });


).attr('target', '_blank');




- I would appreciate any advice!