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Using Marketo programs as part of a holistic marketing campaign

Question asked by Lachlan Maule on Jul 31, 2014
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Hi there,
I’m sure that this is a pretty simple question but I am looking for the best way to use Marketo programs as part of a holistic marking campaign. 

I am running a marketing campaign that will have leads coming from a range of sources: email, social media, events, advertising etc. The purpose of the campaign is to get leads to buy the product using a $100 discount. Once they enter my funnel the pathway is the same for all. 

Now to my question: Should I use one program and form/landing page and direct all the traffic so all leads enter one program and go through the flow? What would the best channel to use be? Or is it better to clone the program for each channel, use an appropriate channel tag and get more advanced reporting? Can I use the same assets for each cloned program or if I have say five channels, I will have five landing pages with different URLS (cloned of course)? 

All leads would enter the same nurture (engagement) program once their data had been captured. 

Thanks for reading! Any help would be appreciated or even a link to the relevant help article as I cannot seem to find guidance on this issue.