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How does A/B Test Group for landing pages actually work?

Question asked by Wai yeong Leong on Feb 21, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2019 by Wai yeong Leong

My team is interested in optimizing our landing page conversion. To do that we will need to set up an A/B test group for the landing page. We have set that up and we realize that is all we have to do.


With that, how does the testing actually work?


Here is how I think it works (but I am not sure):

Since there is only one URL but two test page. The URL will automatically switch the content between landing page A and landing page B, each time a different visitor visits the URL.

Example (chronologically):


1) Visitor 1 - Landing Page A

2) Visitor 2 - Landing Page B

3) Visitor 3 - Landing Page A

4) Visitor 4 - Landing Page B

5) Visitor 5 - Landing Page A

(and it continues until we stop the test by disapproving the losing test..)