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    Multi Picklist Field in Marketo Form

    Sathish Kumar

      Hi Guys,


      I need some guidance on using a field as multi select checkboxes on Marketo form.


      We are using a multi select picklist field in Salesforce to capture product interests. We have around 25 to 30 values added to the multi select picklist field in Salesforce. I tried using this field on a Marketo Form as checkboxes (Multi Select), since the list is too long we decided cut down the values by categorizing them along with the individual values.


      For example: On a Marketo form I have the following 4 values visible on the multi select picklist field, but when our customers check the value Equities or Fixed Income the corresponding values as shown below will be capture on the Marketo field:




      Equities - Equities - 1; Equities - 2; Equities - 3; Equities - 4; Equities - 5

      Fixed Income - Fixed Income - 1; Fixed Income - 2; Fixed Income - 3



      Everything is working as expected, however the field doesn't pre-fill the values for Equities or Fixed income on the following visits. We want those values to be pre-filled as well. Is there any solution or workaround for this situation?


      Initial form fill:



      subsequent visit:



      Hope it all makes sense!

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          Sanford Whiteman

          Well, you're obviously causing a delimiter collision. You should not expect this to work automatically.


          You can make it work with this additional Forms 2.0 JS:


            var interestingFields = ["Active_Subscriptions_Indicator__c"];
            /* No need to edit below this line */
            var formEl = form.getFormElem()[0],
                arrayify = getSelection.call.bind([].slice),
                multiSelectDelim = /\s*;\s*/;
            var checkboxGroup = arrayify(formEl.querySelectorAll("[name='" + field + "']")),
                storedValues = window.mktoPreFillFields[field].split(multiSelectDelim);
                  return {
                    el : input,
                    values : input.value.split(multiSelectDelim)
                  return boxDescriptor.values.every(function(value){
                    return storedValues.indexOf(value) != -1;
                  boxDescriptor.el.checked = true;


          Substitute your field(s) in the array interestingFields.


          This code expects pre-consolidated multi-select fields in the manner you've described: