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Consequences of updating field tokens too close together in email sends?

Question asked by Adrianne Vaughan on Feb 21, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2019 by Sanford Whiteman

I am trying to figure out the consequences of affecting field tokens I used on an email send last week.  Here's the scenario:


  • Last week I used Token 1 and Token 2 in my email
  • Those Tokens are updated manually through list upload and unfortunately there is no automatic API to update the token fields
  • I need to use the same Token 1 and Token 2 in my email this week (they technically are the same type of field ie: Token 1 is a Training name.  It's possible someone change their Training so it'll be text and not jumbled text or something like that)
  • Because things can change, and I need to do a manual upload to account for changes, I plan on clearing the fields completely and re-uploading the updated list (when I didn't do this last week, I noticed that duplicates in the system can cause havoc because the most recent lead wasn't necessarily the person updated, which is a whole other discussion)


What happens if a person opens last week's email with Token 1 and Token 2 in it during the down time while I'm clearing the fields and uploading my new list for this week's send?  When the email is already in the users hands, do the tokens "lock in" or is it still always calling something from Marketo to fill in?


I cant seem to find the answer or maybe I'm just typing in the wrong search terms, but any and all advice and insight is appreciated!