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Beyond Email Recap

Discussion created by Adam Blinzler on Feb 20, 2019

I want to thank everyone who came last night. I also want to thank Ruth and presenting her experience with Salesforce and Marketo integrations.


Highlights from the meeting.

     Best practice is to have leads enter Marketo and have Marketo then sync the leads to Salesforce.

     Let your salesforce admin set up the Assignment rules in Salesforce and Marketo can use Auto Assignment.

     To guarantee that leads are tracked and put into correct order of events, add 1-minute wait steps between syncs

     Marketo Scoring, using Demographic and Behavior scores, along with how to cap and reset scores as needed.

     Reporting opportunities using RCE and basic reports.  The importance of normalized values, naming conventions, and have an understanding of various KPIs and how to best report on them.

     How easy Adbridge is to use for retargeting and building out Omni-Channel marketing opportunities.


Lots of interest around Summit next month. Here is a link from Alex Buckles to all of the Marketo Sessions.

Micheal with the Manufacturing Virtual MUG has assembled 9 speakers to tease their presentations at Summit. 

Meeting today at 3 PM. If you register Micheal does share recordings.

2019 Marketo Summit Presentation Trailers


If you are going to Summit this year, we would love for you to speak at our next MUG meeting in April about your experience.


Other hot topics/challenges that people wanted to learn more about and we will be working on building presentations for future meetings:

Email/Velocity Scripting

Marketo Reporting

How to get buy-in from leadership


Let us know any questions/topics you would like us to discuss in future meetings.


We will also be setting up a Tampa/St Pete Slack Channel to be able to colaberate more. Be on the lookout for a link to join our group.


Thank you again for all of your support.