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Are Custom Objects the best way to handle custom fields that can have multiple selections? (e.g. Person lives in multiple states)

Question asked by John Truong on Feb 20, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2019 by Jay Jiang

Hello all,


We are new to Marketo and noticed that you the default fields do not give the option of creating 1:M relationships. It is a 1:1 mapping as far as I can tell?


We would like to store a contacts geographical foot print. For example, we would have the US Federal Government as a contact person but that person is responsible for multiple states.


The end purpose is to have that person be sent specific state blogs contents based upon the states he could belong to. e.g. Email can have California, New York and Utah.


Is the best way to do this is create a custom object with the State a column name and then the link back to that person's email in the Custom Object?