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AdBridge Integration Not Working

Question asked by Jamie Hunter on Feb 19, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2019 by Wyatt Bales

Hello Marketo Community,


Has anyone else repeatedly had issues with integrating AdBridge for LinkedIn and Facebook lead gen forms? We have exhausted all troubleshooting options:

-Ensure the FB/LI account that authorizes the Launchpoint/Adbridge connection has all necessary leag gen manager and business page permissions

-Connect a new FB/LI account that authorizes the integration with all necessary permissions

-Remove and re-add the Launchpoint set-up again

-Submit Marketo support tickets

-Work with LI and FB reps to troubleshoot

-Submit test forms

-Activate the FB/LI campaigns with budget behind it to see if a live form would work


This was our second go around in one year to try to get the AdBridge integration working for leads who fill out the lead gen forms and we've had zero luck. The leads don't automatically sync to Marketo which then requires us to conduct manual list uploads. Anyone else have a trick up their sleeves that I have not already listed?