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Client has no Internet Access, only Intranet

Question asked by Adrian Radu on Feb 20, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2019 by Adrian Radu

Hello Marketo Community,


We have an issue with one of our clients that do not give internet access to their employees, due to security reasons.

We`re sending a weekly newsletter to their employees and would need to know what we need to request

or to give our client (ip address, ports that need to be open on their side) so that we would receive the reports on the emails.


The client is willing to help us give some permissions in their network but not a full internet access.

Also the reporting for these newsletters is very important.


I already know that only by clicking Download Images the action for Open Email comes in Marketo, but I would need some advice

on where to request our client to permit access.


Any other advice is well received

Thank you and have a great day!